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“Heritage Academy of Science and Technology is committed to preparing young members of our communities with tomorrow’s resources to meet today’s success.”


Our vision starts with providing quality education for all children

Academically-Rigorous Curriculum Emphasizing Science and Technology. 

We have a challenging curriculum that utilizes inquiry to nurture the students’ abilities to build both a knowledge base and sense of discovery in the physical, life and computer sciences.  Encouraging natural curiosity and a sense of wonder builds our youth so they can reach their full potential. Our educators also tie in the use of technological devices with the learning process.

Positive School Culture Embedded with Cultural Values.

Youth with a solid positive identity navigate through our complex world making good choices. We embrace and encourage values of responsibility, self-empowerment, positive character building and respect for others and themselves.  We add cultural values to a school that emphasize success, consideration and dignity.
Curriculum and Instruction in Academic English and Heritage Support Languages.

Language is a necessary tool of both personal and professional expression.

Students will utilize both academic English and heritage language to demonstrate their knowledge and growth in their academic pursuits and personal development.  Strong language skills build our youth so they can reach their full potential.

Family Participation in School Learning.

The power of family support in learning is evident in the confidence and ambition of students.  Heritage School offers families opportunities to share in learning, volunteer to help and participate in school activities.  Strong family participation encourages the students’ positive involvement within their school community.