We now have courses for medical estheticians

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Along with all of the other brilliant courses we have here at Heritagetech Institute, we have added a program that any applicant can take to become a certified esthetician.

We use an artistic hands on approach to teach every one of our students.  Through hands on practice and watching each patient and injection closely we have designed an amazing program that is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Read this before you apply

Some of our applicants have turned out to get a little bit squeamish when injecting at first.  Some have got past it and some haven’t.  The main goal is to make sure that you are as informed as possible so that you can make an educated decision before you commit to our program.

Injecting botox and fillers into the face is a delicate and precise process.  There are many different area’s you can inject the solution into, here are a few.

  • Around the eyes and eyebrows

In the forehead to reduce lines

In the sides of the mouth to remove wrinkles

In the temple to reduce headaches

These are the most common areas that we inject.  It’s fairly simple to perform the actual injection, the hard part is getting the area just right.  When examining the area for an injection we first sterilise the skin with a quick swab, then we point the needle in the precise spot we will inject.  After the injection we place a small round ice pack on the site to reduce pain and swelling.

The ice pack is essential for reduction of swelling long term and pain for short term.

The results you can expect from Injections

Although there are many side effects from botox if done improperly, there are some great results if done correctly.  We strive to teach each and every one of our students how to inject safely and effectively.  That is why we have structured the course how we have.

As you can see, botox and filler injections can help with many small lines and wrinkles in the face.  Our goal is to teach you how to make these men and women who get botox injections look good and feel good as well.  We will not only show you where to inject, but how to do a full consultation and show the client where you should inject.

Ethics is a big one for us.  We want to make sure that our students aren’t just going around injecting everyone in sight wherever they want.  Injecting in an ethical way is very important.  If a patient comes to you and wants to do unnecessary procedures then you must tell them you can’t.

This the main theme of our course, safety and ethics.  If you are at all interested in taking our course to become a certified esthetician please inquire today!